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We are sisters who love harmonizing to R&B, Soul, & Smooth Jazz. We hope that our lyrics speak to your S.O.U.L. and our harmonies soothe your spirit

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We are the Sisters of Unbreakable Love, abbreviated S.O.U.L. We are sisters who love to bring the gift of music to the world. As the daughters of a jazz guitarist, we grew up in Los Angeles California inspired by smooth jazz, soul, blues, rock, reggae, and R&B.  We have taken our love for life and each other and put it into song. 

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LaNika is the oldest of the sisters. She loves creating and performing good music. In addition to singing, LaNika also writes music and plays the piano. Inspired by reggae and soul music, LaNika enjoys writing inspiring and uplifting music and considers sharing her music and message with others one of life's gifts. She is known as the encouraging one because of her infectious positive attitude.

LaNika Smooth Island Soul

Kesha is the middle sister and in addition to singing plays the bass. Her musical influences range from Blues to Jazz to Classical to Rock N' Roll. After attending the US Military Academy and serving 5 years in the Army, Kesha decided to go into the family business and pursue her dreams of making people happy with music. She is known as the serious one because of her focus and drive for success.

Kesha Janaan

Rochella is the youngest sister. She sings, writes, and plays the piano. Music is her passion and what she loves to do. She has always said that it is important for people to do what they love to do. If it does not make you happy, find something that does and pursue it. Rochella is known as the songbird of the family, as she starting singing at the age of 5 and has yet to stop.

Rochella Brown

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